Here at LC Equestrian Laurel offers training for both horse and rider.  Laurel is happy to school your horse and help work through problems and issues you and/or your horse may be experiencing.

Laurel can put together a training program and work towards achieving personal goals whether it be for mastering the skills of dressage, showing, pleasure riding or training your horse to be obedient and a safe trekker.  Laurel will work with you, helping train your horse to be the best it can be. 

Laurel has schooled a number of horses, ranging in breeds and abilities, and has developed many skills and problem solving techniques for training horses and ponies.  She has had experience and knowledge up to Grand Prix level. With years of experience she can quickly see areas that could benefit some improvement and has the ability and techniques to develop these areas. 

Laurel has a calm approach while training and quickly forms a strong bond with each horse she rides. 

TRAINING  is given on the purpose made all weather arena.  Contact Laurel today to make a booking.


Agistment & Training 2 to 3 times weekly : $200 

Agistment & Training 4 to 5 times per week : $250 per week

Hay (when in stock) and feed can be supplied at additional costs.  Enquire on request.

"I first met Laurel two years ago when she was competing in the Rai Valley show and it was obvious from watching her ride that she was in a class of her own.  Everything about her was kind and graceful and an absolute pleasure to watch.  (She went home with supreme champion that day.)  I have a Friesian x mare that has not been the easiest horse, and I have been told by two different people who tried to train her that she would never make a good riding horse.  After finding out that Laurel trains horses I knew I had to send her there...... Best thing I ever did for my horse (and me!)  The first time, I sent her for 3 weeks and she was ridden by Laurel 4 or 5 times a week.  The difference in that horse was unbelievable!  I was so happy with what Laurel had achieved in such a short space of time.  She had gone from being totally disrespectful and an absolute bully to being well mannered on the ground and mounted.  She became beautifully rounded and much "lighter".  Her transitions from walk to trot etc. were 100% better, she was bending beautifully and listening to leg aids perfectly.  The second time I sent her to Laurel she worked on establishing the canter and continued working on upward and downward transitions.  My horse now has a beautiful balanced, steady canter (it used to be something like a rocket taking off!).  My daughter rode her in her very first dressage test soon after that and got 72%.  I very highly recommend Laurel to anyone who needs help.....whether it be just a bit of fine tuning or a complete "makeover" like my girl needed.  I am very happy to report that I now have a fantastic riding horse.  Thank you Laurel!" 

Mandy Henn & Sweet P